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Astro-Numerology by Pooja N Rathore


  • The number guide of “logic” and “magic” Numerology is a science of numbers, their characteristics, associations and influence on one’s life. It an ancient practice where the occult meanings of numbers are studied to unearth the hidden relation between the numbers and an individual.
  • Numerology believes that the personal numerology numbers send out frequencies, like the waves of the ocean, ebbing and flowing in predictable cycles. These waves, when converted to a personal numbers system can help interpret the life of an individual.
  • Numerology is about numbers and their symbolic significance. According to this science, each number has its own vibration and its own vibratory influence on humans, their actions, their work life as well as destiny. It deals with different aspects of numbers and facilitates us to calculate the impact, whether positive or negative, of a person’s date of birth on one’s life.
  • Apart from numbers based on the birth date, each letter of a person’s name also has an assigned numeric value that causes a related cosmic vibration. Our present life is the upshot of our previous karma. Whether good or bad we are born to realize the fruits of destiny. Man is always looking for answers to align his fate and karma’s. Like all other astrological sciences, Numerology does not have the power to completely erase the karma’s, yet it can empower oneself to overcome those unnecessary obstacles that are preventing him/her from realizing the goals. It helps by removing the frustrating restrictions which hinder the path of success whether in profession, business or personal life.
  • A change in your key numbers can bring about a revolutionary change and a distinct improvement in all your affairs. Numerology aids you to take full advantage of your potential, as revealed in your horoscope. It acts as a valuable guide for men and women on their path to truth and self awareness. It enlightens one towards his/her personal and individual responsibilities, to do the K a r m a’s in a righteous manner and achieve ultimate happiness, contentment and success. And all this can be done by enhancing and suitably employing the positive power of numbers in life.


January 30, 2017

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