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Bhavath Bhava by Dr. Krishnakumar

Principle of Bhavat Bhavam

 There is a wonderful principle in astrology called ‘Bhavath Bhava’ which can be applied to a chart to derive / decipher maximum information about an individual and his relatives. Bhava in Sanskrit means a ‘House’ which can be interpreted as residence, residence of celestial planets or astrological house.

 “Bhavath Bhava” literally means from “from house to house”. By applying this logic, we can study the houses in a much deeper way than normal interpretation. This house-to-house principle can be extended to every house and reveals that there is a relationship between such houses.

 This principle can be applied in different ways:

Taking one house as reference point we can correlate other 11 houses to forecast for self and other factors representing those houses. For example, 2nd house represent ‘Dhanastana’ i.e. money, accumulation of wealth etc of the self (Lagna). Similarly ‘gains ‘of children can be read by 6th house and that of spouse by 8th house. 12th house is the house of expenses, hospitalization and bed pleasure. This represent the ‘losses’ of self (Lagna). Extending this further we can say 6th house represents the losses or expenses of marriage (7th house) and 2nd house represents the same for co-borns (3rd house) The house that is as far away from a house, as it is from the ascendant, also signifies those same things in a similar sort of way.

The 9th house is the house of Dharma. When we count 9th from the 9th house we get the 5th house. 5th house pertains to children, knowledge, scriptures and Purva Punya etc. Jupiter is involved as the natural karaka of the 5th and the 9th houses and of dharma and intelligence/creativity. When we judge the 5th & 9th houses we have to evaluate the common karaka, Jupiter as an indication to the fruits of family and expansion of Dharma.

An example of that principle is here by taking one Bhava and correlating with other 11 Bhavas and the extra information we can get from such exercise. The second Bhava apart from being ‘Dhanastana’ for self can provide a variety of information as follows.

Bhavath bhava analysis of  SECOND BHAVA

  •      Being 12th from 3rd it will represent losses, hospitalization, imprisonment of brothers and     neighbors.
  •      Being 11th from 4th – social activities and profits of mother, gains from land / house property   and vehicle.
  •      Being 10th from 5th _ career interests of children, their reputation and performance in school   or college.
  •      Being 9th from 6th – Long journeys of maternal relatives.
  •      Being 8th from 7th _ death of husband or wife / end of marriage.
  •      Being 7th from 8th – bequests and legacies through wife or husband
  •      Being 6th from 9th – shows ill-health, debts and enemies of father.
  •      Being 5th from 10th – investments and speculation in career.
  •      Being 4th from 11th – homes of friends and elder brother
  •      Being 3rd from 12th – short journeys of secret enemies.

Astrology is a subject mainly resting on the foundation of Karmic entanglement. The definition of Astrology makes it crystal clear by the stanza;         

    “ होरेत्यहोरात्रविकल्पमेके वाञ्छन्ति पूर्वापरवर्णलोपात् ।               

      कर्मार्जितं पूर्वभवे सदादि यत्तस्य पक्तिं समभिव्यनक्ति ॥

This stanza categorically states that the person experiences one’s life according to one’s karma or acts performed during the previous births and the merit of this act of past births determines the quality of one’s life in the world he or she is living.

Life itself is difficult to explain as human beings are living a life of interdependence whether one likes or not. Relatives like mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband son in law,    brother in law, father in law, maternal uncle, paternal uncles and aunts, cousins, teachers, friends and foes all come across in the life of a person directing or dictating or compelling the person to do the various acts whether by the force of person’s choice or compulsion what so ever and many times the person may become a mere sheep in the hands of compulsive fate which works through the above persons whether one  likes or not.

The wonderful delineation of charts through the principle of Bhavath Bhava will reveal as to how a person will come across various persons in his or her life and enjoy and suffer the vagaries of life through many persons coming across in his or her life. Reflection of ones karmic effect thoroughly can be seen only through Bhavath Bhava  principle. In fact, this again rests on Vedic astrological concept of reincarnation and transmigration of soul. The two facts of fate and god are different because fate is the one which is earned by the soul as bank balance(Punya) and if bank balance is meritorious the person will enjoy the life, on the other hand if bank balance is in downfall(Papa) the person suffers diseases, bereavement, separations, losses, disrespect, defame etc.,. The enjoyment or suffering of person unfortunately has been linked to the gods play but absolutely it is not so, it is only the manifestation of the conduct of the soul in the past births and the bank balance. Hence we pray god for mercy to annihilate our problems and it is left to him to grant it or not.

Keeping all these facts in mind one can can only give effective prognosis on men and matters around a person through ones life in an exhaustive fashion by this principal of Bhavath Bhava. However only a tip of iceberg is given here not dwelling on many intricate aspects which have more extensive usage by analyzing the significations of planets in different bhava’s. In fact looking to the Nadi granta’s of yore, probably cart load of prediction for different births could have been given by this principle as other wise it is impossible to give such magnitude of predictions considering only bhava karakatwas which has got absolute limitations unlike Bhavath Bhava karakatwas such as 2nd being 12th from 3rd, 11th from 4th, 10th from 5th etc.,.

Charts will follow on Bhavathbhava principle shortly..,..

January 24, 2017

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