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Dual lordships of planets by Reetu Bhatnagar

The Dual Lords

Except for the luminaries- Sun and Moon, all other five planets have two signs under their lordship. Thereby making the same planet with its inherent and embedded significations, handle two varied portfolios, represented by the signs it owns.


  • Mars: The fiery planet owns chara, agni-tatwa, and masculine, odd sign of Aries on one hand and sthira, jala-tatwa, feminine and even rashi of Scorpio on the other hand. Now as a Mesha, Mars tends to lead, not as a boss but as a commander. Agile, intuitive and action-oriented he embodies characters like independence, competitiveness, strong-will, impatience and aggression. The sign hosts the exaltation of vitality and authority in form of Sun and has no place of patience, restrictions and boundaries of Saturn, who debilitates in Aries. Now the other sign Scorpio. Mars here is like the wounded soldier who waits and plans. The energy is hidden under the calm and standing waters. Mars here is diplomatic, secretive, introverted and always on the defensive (ready to sting as scorpion nature). Vrishchika is a feminine sign but the adaptability, softness and fluidity of emotions are missing with Moon getting debilitation in this sign.                                                         
  • Venus: The graceful Venus owns sthira, bhoo-tatwa, feminine, even sign of Taurus and also the chara, vayu-tatwa, masculine and odd sign of Libra. As Vrishbha, Venus likes stability, change is not exciting here. Whether it is material wealth, assets, comforts, opulence, Venus is tasteful, charming and sensual in this sign. With Moon, the manokaraka getting all powerful in this sign, the mental thought process is strong and rigid, at times. Coming to Tula, Venus here feels flexible, passionate, intellectual and interactive. With the Karmadhipati exalting in this sign, they are hard-workers, mass-oriented and are on a persistent lookout for prominence…Sun, the planet of status is debilitated in sign of Tula.
  • Mercury: The effervescent Buddha owns the dwiswabhava, vayu-tatwa, masculine, odd sign of Gemini and Virgo – the dwiswabhava, feminine, bhoo-tatwa, even rashi. Owning dual signs makes Mercury a very impressionable planet. This attribute imparts a flexible and restless nature and a tendency to get influenced by the company it keeps.   Intellect, ambition, imagination, dexterity with hands, eloquence comes with the Mithuna sign. Want to be “Jack of all trades”. Virgo is the very feminine, “prim and proper” Mercurian sign where social consciousness, up-to-date knowledge, analytical approach, perfection are the key words to success. With the lord, himself getting exalted here, the reasoning and rationale attached to an activity is more important than its materialistic and beauty aspect (Venus debilitation sign).
  • Jupiter: The dharmadhipati also owns two dwiswabhava signs. Inspite of its conventional nature, the Guru is open to adapt. As the owner of the dual, odd, agni-tatwa and masculine Sagittarius, Jupiter is like a father who is the counsellor, nurturer but a strict implementer. Following the righteous path is the only solution to move forward (next sign of Capricorn-the karmasthana). He prepares the native to take the first step towards dharma. After the dharma, Jupiter takes up the onus of Moksha, with the even, dwiswabhava, feminine and jala-tatwa sign of Pisces. Having seen all aspects of life, Jupiter here solicits a person to drown oneself in the serene and ethereal beauty of the feet of the Lord (exaltation of Venus) leaving behind the mathematics of life (Mercury debilitated). Awaken the sub-conscious and reach the final emancipation.
  • Saturn: The Nyayadhish (judge) owns the chara, even, bhoo-tatwa, feminine sign of Capricorn and the airy, odd, masculine and fixed sign of Aquarius. As the Capricorn lord, Saturn is about focussing all the energy and action (exaltation sign of Mars) to fulfil one’s karmas. With Jupiter getting debilitated Saturn prompts one to be a learner always, stick to one’s own actions and not try to influence others. For him realising one’s own restrictions and boundaries is the greatest dharma. Perseverance and self-management is the mantra of Capricorn. As the owner of Aquarius, Saturn is “the philosopher”. Service beyond self, ethical approach with and tint of diplomacy and fixity marks the Aquarius Saturn. To be in a rally, to address the masses and at the same time shy away from the limelight sometimes makes these individuals a difficult proposition.


January 26, 2017

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