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Inheritance in Astrology by J.K.Moorthy

Inheritance in Astrology:

Inheritance is promised to a person if these conditions are met in astrological chart.

“8th H / L having PAC link to 4th H / L and 2nd H / L by any of sign, house or star level gives inheritance. More specifically, Inheritance can be from father if the same combination has 9th H / L link too”

Example 1

  • 8th lord Saturn aspects 4th lord Venus and dispositor Mercury is conjoined with 2nd lord Sun and 8th lord Saturn.
  • 8th lord Saturn is conjoined with 2nd lord Sun. 2nd lord Sun aspects 8th
  • 4th lord Venus aspects 9th

Example 2


  • 8th lord Mercury is conjoined with 4th lord Saturn.
  • 4th lord aspects 2nd
  • 2nd lord Jupiter is posited in 8th house aspects 8th lord Mercury and 4th lord Saturn.
  • 9th lord aspected by Jupiter from 8th house indicating fortune by inheritance.

Example 3

  • 8th lord Saturn aspects 4th lord Mercury
  • 2nd lord Moon has gone to 8th house.
  • 8th lord Saturn aspects 2nd lord Moon.
  • 9th lord Saturn aspects 4th lord and he is 8th lord also.

Example 4  

  • 8th lord Mercury is conjoined with 4th lord Saturn.
  • 8th Lord Mercury is in Rahu Star and Rahu is in 2nd
  • 8th house is occupied by Ketu and is in Rahu star and Rahu is in 2nd
  • 4th lord Saturn aspects 2nd house and 2nd lord Jupiter. He also aspects 6th L / H. So litigation. As he is with 8th lord long drawn battle.
  • 9th lord Moon is in Saturn Star who is 4th lord and with 8th lord Mercury. 4th lord Saturn aspects 9th 2nd lord Jupiter aspects 9th lord Moon.

Example 5

  • 8th lord Mars dispositor Mercury is in 2nd house along with Karaka for father Sun. 2nd lord Venus is also in Mercury star.
  • 9th house is occupied by Ketu who is in 8th lord Mars Star. Ketu also aspects 8th lord Mars with its 5th aspect.
  • Ketu’s position in 9th house and its dispositor Venus is in 3rd house indicates efforts was there to get property.

In all the charts the above mentioned conditions are satisfied. Readers may give their feedback on the same.

January 26, 2017

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