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Bharathiya Jyothisha Samsthan


Dr. S Krishna Kumar – President, BJS:

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering and a MA in Astrology, Dr. Krishna Kumar has been conferred a doctorate for his thesis on Medical Astrology. A renowned scholar in Vedic Astrology and a teacher in the subject for the past over three decades in India and abroad, he also has a deep knowledge of Vedanta and has authored a number of books. He is also the recipient of a number of awards and titles. He is currently the President of Bharathiya Jyothisha Samsthan and has also been inducted as an adjunct faculty member of the Hindu University of America (Orlando) for undertaking Distance Education.


Sri G Rajagopalaiah – Vice President:

A bachelor of Arts from Central college, Bangalore, Sri Rajagopalaiah has served with BBMP for more than 38 years. Being born to a family of astrologers, he enhanced his expertise in Astrology alongside his career by delivering many lectures, conducting workshops and presented paper on Astrology, Vastu as well as Palmistry. He has been teaching Astrology for the past 25 years. He is also the recipient of a number of awards and titles. Other than astrological teaching he is currently looking after all activities of Sri Hanuman Temple constructed by him in 2003. Sri Rajagopalaiah has also authored several books- “Conventional Remedies”, “Mundane Astrology”, “Sarvatobhadra Chakra”, “Principles of Palmistry” , “Vasthu Shastra”, “Secrets of Ramala Jyothisha”, “jyothisha pravesha” in Kannada & English etc.


Sri R V Gopalan – Vice President:

A pharmacist who has extended his knowledge of medicines to finding solutions to people’s problems through the occult also. He has served astrology for several decades through organizing seminars, workshops, classes and supporting the propagation through all possible means. He is an expert in the field of KP astrology and has served as the treasurer for ICAS Bangalore chapter for several decades. Currently he is Vice President of the Bharatiya Jyothish Samsthan looking after organisational matters and providing guidance in financial matters.


Sri Nagaraja Sharma – General Secretary :

Retired from Textile industry, with keen interest in astrology Sri Sharma finished his Jyothish Visharada and joined as a faculty at BJS, he is doing excellent work on astrology by his teaching in Kannada language to rural students. He has contributed a lot to nurturing of astrology activity in our Mysore Kendra. has received many titles such as Jyotishya Visharada, Jyotishya Vachaspathi, Jyotishya Martanda, Jyothisha Prabakara, Jyotir nana kovida etc. to name a few. He has deep interest in Muhurta and Panchanga and has received honour as Muhurtha Praveena, presently serving as faculty member teaching various subjects and also serves as General secretary in Bharatiya Jyotishya samstan.


Sri. Nanjundaiah-Treasurer:

Sri Nanjundaiah is a mechanical engineer by profession and has had a long and highly successful career spanning over 3 decades in the steel industry. In his role as a senior executive at the Bhadravathi steel complex, he has been responsible for implementing several innovative ideas in the steel making process. He has been duly recognised and awarded for his excellent work. Always fascinated by the mystery of astrology, post retirement, Sri Nanjundaiah has taken up its serious study by first getting qualified through Jyothish Visharad and then engaging in teaching at BJS. He has received several awards in the field of Jyothisha. He has been deeply associated with the BJS efforts of nurturing the Mysore centre and has put in dedicated and sincere efforts towards popularising Jyothisha in Mysore. He is currently involved in teaching our ‘classical texts’ to our senior students.


Sri Shirdi Nath Tekur – Advisor Planning:

Sri Tekur’s interest in Vedic Astrology was sparked off in the eighties by studying Dr. B V Raman’s books. With a Jyotish Visharada from ICAS Sri Tekur joined the Bangalore Chapter as a faculty. He is respected for his deep knowledge of the subject. Sri Tekur has delivered talks on various seminars and conferences and has been awarded many titles in recognition of his services for the cause of Astrology. He has a teaching experience of 19 years and 15 years experience in prediction. He has specialised in ‘Counselling Techniques’ as also linking ‘Tarot’ with astrology.

Professionally, Sri Tekur has served in HAL in the design area specialising in avionics and electrical systems and is currently a senior consultant at Tata Consultancy Services at Bangalore .


Sri T R Vijaya Kumar :

Sri Vijaya Kumar is an engineering graduate. He has 15 years of teaching experience and 12 years experience in prediction. For his work in astrology, he has been the recipient of many awards such as Jyothisha Kovida, Prof. of astrology, Ratna shastra praveena, etc. Sri Vijaya Kumar has participated in many seminars at national as well as an international level. His current research topics include application of gem therapy. He is also involved in attempting prediction of the ups and downs of stock markets.

Sri Prabhakara murthy :

An electronics engineer by profession, he has now gone into semi retirement after setting up an industry manufacturing power supplies and other electronics equipment. He is deeply interested in astrology having taken his first lessons from his mother. He has completed his Jyothish Visharad and has been a faculty at BJS over the past few years. He has received several awards for his services to the field of astrology. He is keenly interested in Jaimini system of astrology and has interacted with eminent people in this field.


Captain A. Vijaygopal:

A captain from the Navy with 25 years of service, Capt. Vijaygopal’s corporate experience includes senior positions like CEO, COO and GM (Ops) alongside a total work experience 40 years. He has been honoured with many titles such as Kovida, Marthanda, Visharada, Kaladhara etc. His expertise includes Timing of events specially marriage, profession and Prashna.



Sri A H Udupa:

A post graduate in Communications Engineering from IISc, Bangalore, Sri Udupa has served in many communication and IT companies. He developed his interest in Vedic Astrology and began practicing Vedic Astrology since [YYYY]. He is currently conducting research in Astrology to accurately assess the characteristics of a person based on his chart. In addition he is also involved in counselling. His interest includes face-reading.


Sri P R Natarajan:

Sri Natarajan is an engineering graduate from the Govt. College of Technology, Coimbatore. He has served at Bharat Electronics Ltd. for 35 years and retired in 1996 as a General Manager. After retirement, his interest veered towards Jyotish Shastra, He completed his Jyotish Visharada and was recently conferred the title Jyotir Vidwanmani.



Sri Kadaba Sridhar:

A graduate in science and graduate in Civil Engineering. Sri Sridhar started his career as a structural engineer with a leading architect in Bangalore. Joined Burmah-Shell as construction engineer that became Bharat Petroleum after nationalisation in 1976. Shifted to marketing. Retired as Chief Manager in BPCL at Mumbai. Had done a course at Oxford, UK, at College of Petroleum, in petroleum marketing. After retirement from BPCL, worked as a training consultant for Reliance Petroleum. A Jyotish Visharada, he has been awarded titles like Jyotishya Kalamani, Jyotish Prabhakara, Jyotish Prabodhaka etc. Practicing Astrology as a hobby, advising relatives and friends as required, Sri. Sridhar does not miss an opportunity to uphold the efficacy and usefulness of astrology among his circle of relatives and friends. His hobbies include Carnatic Music, writing books on philosophy, badminton, swimming etc.


Sri. Meghraj Jain:

A post graduate personnel management (MSW) in HR, Mr. Jain has worked in various organisations as a Personnel Officer. He has also worked as a research assistant in IIM, Bangalore sponsored by the government. Mr. Jain is presently running an educational institute.
Mr Meghraj Jain’s experience in astrology extends over 12 years during which time he has been awarded a number of titles such as Jyotish Kovida, Jyotish Vachaspati, Jyotish Prabhakara, etc. He has been actively consulting and counselling for the past 10 years. He is interested in problem solving via counselling.


G.S. Nageswara Rao:

A Graduate Engineer in Electrical and Electronics with a PG Diploma in Business Administration from Bangalore University. MIE and Chartered Engineer of Institution of Engineers, kolkatta. Member of International Society of Automation ( ISA),USA.

Started Carrier in Kirloskar Electric as a Trainee Engineer and later worked for Larsen & Toubro Ltd, in Bangalore in Switchgear Division in various Capacities nearly for 9 years. Switched over to Industrial Automation field in 1988 and handled various turnkey projects in the field of Control Automation in both National and International locations.Presently Running an Automation Company with about 20 Staff, handling Automation in various industrial Domains.

Deeply interested in the Field of Astrology and completed three years course in astrology at Bharatiya Jyothish Samsthan.

As Jyothish Acharya, teaching Astrology at BJS for the Last two years. Further, pursuing MA in Astrology at Potti Sreeramulu Telugu university at Hyderabad. Practicing Astrology is my hobby and trying to extend consultation among family and friends Circle. Extensive reading in Engineering is another area of Interest.

Passionate about both Astrology and Automation !


Mrs. Nirmala Shekar:

Education & Skills: M.Tech in Environmental Enginneering; CADD , Jyothish Acharya from BJS. Presently working as Director- SYMAHB -VALUATION CONSULTANTS Pvt.Ltd. – Chartered Engineers and Regd.Govt.Valuers


Seshachalam Iyengar:

Education: MA., B.Sc Computers, PGD HR, Jyotisha Visharad (ICAS)
Worked in BEML for 15 years and then in other capacities like Administrator, Counselor, etc. Now teaching Mathematics and Science to School students.
Astrology and its related studies had been a subject which attracted from early days. Learnt Vedic chanting under a proper Guru and the interest in Astrology was rekindled with a mindset to understand the effect of cosmic forces on mankind.
Presently pursuing research in Medical Astrology, by effectively formulating parameters for Diagnosis, Cause, Effect and Cure.


Monica Sabrina:

Ms Monica has completed her Jyothish Acharya from Bharatiya Jyothish Samsthan and is currently a faculty member in the BJS Mysore chapter. She has also completed her M.A. in Astrology from the Potti Sriramulu University indicating her keen interest in the subject.
Her other qualifications include M.A. C.A.I.I.B. along with a postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management.
She is currently Heading a branch of the Syndicate Bank in Mysore.






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