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Trika houses by Rekha Chordia

Trika Houses

All human being are controlled by their karma of past carried into this janma by their soul. The horoscope of a person is the balance of karma carried forward in to this life from the previous births and no one escapes from this universal law of karma. Sanchita the past karmas, prarabdha the present karma’s and kriyamana is the quota provided for doing certain actions in our limited area of freedom. The upachaya houses are designated as progress where ‘free will’ may be exercised. The lagna is a physical body, which enjoys and suffers at a material plane. The moon generates suffering through desires and Sun is the force regulating the prarabdha karma to be experienced by the mind and physically. With the help of this divine science one can overcome  the nuances of problems as every human being is master of his own destiny as life is an unending current of miseries.

According to the Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra

6th, 8th and 12th houses are Trika or Dushtana houses. It is believed that lords of trika houses are responsible for all the miseries of life. The planets that own/occupy these houses are generally blamed as evil with all the negatives. The trika house indicates loss, disease, adversity and change of environment, basically they denote struggle of life and the capacity of the native to fight back.

For example if lagna lord is in one of the trika house and is afflicted by aspect or conjunction of malefic planets health and longevity suffers.

Every bad element has inherent of goodness with it, the behavior of planets during their dasha’s is subjected to a variety of influences, which at time work at cross purposes. Natural benefic planets, exalted  and yogakaraka planets or certain planets produce excellent results when associated with trika houses.

Among the trika houses the 6th house is moderately malefic as it is an upachaya a house of growth but a materialistic nature. It brings the poison of prarabdha, the 6th house overtakes the house of poorvapunya by its argala. Benefic here indicates good kriyamana karma provided they are strong in navamsha, softens the suffering and make the life easy and strong malefic planets make one to resort to aggressive ways in earning malefic kriyamana karma.  This house is good to achieve victory over evil force and desires. It indicates physical losses which can be reconstructed by adequate measures.

The 8th house is a deadliest and should be read very carefully. It indicates loss of one’s existence that cannot be reconstructed. The 8th is important for longevity, deep research and awakening of kundalini. It shows the span of life needed to complete the given prarabdha. The 8th house is 3rd from 6th, it puts 6th house in action. This house contains all the compulsions and curses with which the birth is attained. It indicates long term chronic suffering and the way life ends. The accidental deaths are due to curses indicated under this house.

The 12th is considered the least malefic. In fact it is thought to be impressionably neutral and the other house owned by its lord should reckon it’s results. It’s like a blessing by which lots of bad karma may be balanced. The 12th house is maraka for 6th and is the 5th from 8th,thus evils may get dispensed. The 12th house represents act of giving, charity, losses, sacrifice, happiness, sub conscious state of mind of sleep, foreign travels, meditation and detachment, it indicates Moksha/salvation. It has the attribute of loosing, this is the house that has the potential to set of the evils and a host of remedial measures originate from this 12th house.

However no house should be considered totally bad. All the houses are part of a divine scheme and have definitely function to perform. Under favorable circumstances all houses are capable of bestowing auspicious results.

January 30, 2017

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