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Vedic Astrology and Diabetes -small writeup by Kashinath

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where in human body does not produce or properly uses insulin which is essential to convert sugar, starches and other carbohydrates into energy. Diabetes is characterized by the constant and high levels of blood sugar.
It is a well-known scientific fact that pancreas produce insulin and in astrology Venus is the significator planet for pancreas. An afflicted Venus could indicate defective or inefficient pancreas. Hence, one could find a weak and afflicted Venus as reason for this disease.
Jupiter indicates sweetness, controls body fats and is significator planet for liver which produces bile juice useful for digestion. An ill-disposed Jupiter denies the opportunity to taste ‘sweets’ and causes imbalance in body fat and troubled digestion. Thus an unfavorable Jupiter indirectly indicates diabetes. A weak Jupiter in 6th, 8th or 12th or combust or debilitated can add to the weakness of Venus in triggering diabetes.
5th house and sign Leo is the seat of Pancreas and Liver in anatomy of human body. Affliction to sign Leo and 5th house of chart will add to chances of getting diabetes.
For any disease of chronic nature the connection of Saturn or 8th house to the disease giving planet is essential. Weak or afflicted Venus and Jupiter with a link to 6th/8th house and Saturn will form essential factors in triggering the disease diabetes.
Ascendant and Moon are considered as very important houses in chart from health point of view. Any weakness to these two will reduce the resistance and recovery factor against disease. These two greatly enhances the possibility of mitigating any problem arising physically, bodily or mentally. A strong ascendant and Moon is the hallmark of successful and contended living of any horoscope.

Moon, pivotal point of chart like Ascendant indicates mental ability to withstand troubled times and goes a long way in fighting or obstructing disease. It also controls all body fluids which is an important factor for sound body and good health.

January 24, 2017

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