About Us


BHARATHIYA JYOTHISHA SAMSTHAN® (BJS) is a trust formed by a group of like-minded

and experienced astrologers expressing their resolve to take Astrology and Sanātana Dharma to newer

highs and to provide succour to today’s stressful society, especially the young. Bharatiya Jyotish

Samsthan is a non-profit organisation that is involved in, amongst other activities, that of propagating

the art and science of astrology.

This trust came into existence to take up a serious, elaborate and detailed study of Astrological

subjects. BJS conducts courses in Vedic Astrology and related subjects in English under the aegis of

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, at Bangalore and Mysore. These courses are attended by many youngsters

and the elderly, ladies and gents spanning the cross-section of our multicultural society.

BJS has conducted many counselling and career guidance workshops in Bangalore and Mysore - each

of these were a resounding success where many benefited.

We have amidst us such illustrious and learned persons as Dr. K S Krishnakumar, Sri  Nagaraja Sharma etc.,