Distance Learning Courses

 Vedic Astrology is a vast subject and there is no occasion for a practitioner of astrology when he/ she could confidently aver that learning has come to an end and it now is time to practice. The subject of astrology involves continuous learning and refining of ones methods of prediction as well as imbibing newer methods that have been propagated by the stalwarts of modern astrology.

Bearing this in mind, Bharathiya Jyothisha Samsthan ® shall provide short term course modules for those interested in specific aspects of this subject. This will be a continuous process with more courses being offered as time progresses. To begin with, following are the modules currently available – the target audience being those familiar with Vedic Astrology and are on the quest to know more on its specific aspects:

Basic Vedic Astrology

An introductory course covering basic concepts. This would provide a strong foundation for understanding advanced concepts.
Course Fee : Rs 2000/- within India
USD 350/- overseas

Medical Astrology

This is a specialised module for practicing doctors.
This will cover the basics of astrology and chart analysis with a sharp focus on medical factors. By the end of the course a practitioner will acquire a deep appreciation of insights that can be gained through application of astrology allowing him / her to diagnosis particularly elusive cases.
For an introduction of this system, please see our articles on this aspect.
Course Fee: Rs 5000/- within India
USD 500/- overseas

Vaasthu for architects and civil engineers

A specialized course for professionals architects & Civil Engineers.
An exposure will be provided to vaastu concepts and enable designs harmoniously aligned with natural factors as well as in tune with the individual’s karmic requirements.
Simple remedies to improve the quality of life will also become apparent. Gross mistakes in house design also can be avoided.
Course Fee: Rs 5000/- within India
USD 500/- overseas


Knowledge of palmistry is an asset for an astrologer. Basics of palmistry will be covered and it’s utility in specialised areas such as medical palmistry. Practical hints for reading palms will also be provided.
Course Fee:  Rs 5000/- within India
USD 500/- overseas

The following courses will be offered in due course.


The tarot is a powerful tool closely linked with astrology. This course is for astrology professionals who would like to add to their toolset for providing better service to their clientele.
Method of understanding and using the Tarot cards will be explained from basics. Links with astrology will also be highlighted.


All astrologers need this course. Basics of counselling will be explained. Use of tools such as NLP to gain rapport with the client will also be demonstrated. Practical, ‘hands on’ sessions will be conducted.
For an introduction of this system, please see our articles on this aspect.

Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP)

For an introduction of this system, please see our articles on this aspect.

Please note that material pertaining to each of these modules shall be mailed to the interested individuals who have effected the requisite payment. At regular intervals the course material will have a set of questions that the participant is expected to answer and send such answers to BJS. When the participants have indicated their completion of the module, he / she will be invited to answer a one hour test to be conducted at a time mutually convenient to both the participant and BJS, to be held at a centre of choice of the participant. (For a list of centres of BJS, please go here). Upon successful completion of the test, the participant shall be awarded a certificate of successful module completion, by BJS. In the event the participant considers it sufficient to only answer the questions forming part of the course material provided and not attempt the test, a certificate of participation will be awarded by BJS.

Since these are fairly short term modules, a participant is expected to complete the course within a period of six months of BJS having dispatched the course material. At the end of this period, if BJS has not received any response to the course exercises, the module will be considered unsuccessfully completed and no further enquiries pertaining to this module from the participant will be entertained.